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Online Shopper Flat Rates

Online Shopper

Flat rate packages to meet your needs


Flat Rate Packages

Cubic Feet CF



No minimum order

No handling fees 

No sign up fees

No receipt fees

No document fees

No warehouse Fee



up to 2 CF

No Consolidaiton

Insurance 3% (Min $5)

Flat Rate shipping to Cayman



Up to 5 CF

Free Consolidation

Insurance 3% (Min $15)

Flat Rate shipping to Cayman

*Plus port, and duty. Other charges may apply



Limited Time Offer!


Up to 10 CF

Free Consolidation

Insurance 3% (Min $15)

Flat Rate shipping to Cayman

Business Connector

Business Large Cargo Shipping via Ocean Freight

Our ocean shipping service is designed for businesses. It's an ideal solution for transporting bulky cargo, ensuring safe and reliable transportation. With 2 x weekly sailings from Miami, it's cost-effective and provides, Customs clearance, and peace of mind. Additionally, our 30-day consolidation service helps streamline shipping and saves you money.

Business large cargo shipping to Cayman


Plus duty, and insurance. Standard size pallet 42 CF

Calculator Ocean Freight

Rates below:

Input dimensions to calculate your best rate for shipping goods to the Cayman Islands.

Ocean freight shipping to Cayman
Container services

Customs Brokerage

One stop shop for all your Customs Brokerage needs

Experience seamless Customs Clearance services with National Logistics. Our dedicated team ensures efficient and hassle-free cargo processing, handling all necessary filings and paperwork.

With our one-stop shop, we clear your container and deliver it using our specialized equipment.


Trust us for seamless service in the Cayman Islands and beyond. Contact us today!

Starting from $75

Cayman Customs Clearance
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