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Shipping from the US to Cayman Islands weekly from as little as $19.99



Shop all stores and ship to Cayman

Shop globally with ease! Purchase items from the USA or anywhere else, and let us handle the shipping for you. Our efficient freight forwarding services ensure that your items reach the Cayman Islands quickly and affordably.

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Shop online and ship to Cayman


Want to order something online? National Logistics is here to help!

US address for all your shopping and shipping to Cayman
Ship electronics to cayman
shop all brands and ship to cayman
Shop and we ship to Cayman and clear customs

1. Sign up and get your U.S. Address

2. Shop anywhere and ship

3. Consolidate from various sites

4. We do the rest

Instantly get your own U.S. address to use at checkout with online retailers.  No signup or setup fees.

Use your U.S. address as your delivery address at checkout. Update your portal with the new order.

30 days free consolidation allows you shop from various sites and consolidate for free. 

We will ship, clear customs and delivery your item to your home.

Best rates in Cayman

Track your package

30 days free Consolidation

Stress free Shipping

Business Connector

Business Large Cargo Shipping via Ocean Freight

Our ocean shipping service is designed for businesses. It's an ideal solution for transporting bulky cargo, ensuring safe and reliable transportation. With 2 x weekly sailings from Miami, it's cost-effective and provides, Customs clearance, and peace of mind. Additionally, our 30-day consolidation service helps streamline shipping and saves you money.

Best business price in the industry! Price example, standard size pallet, 42 cubic feet. $225 includes all freight, handling, port charges.  Plus duty, and insurance.

Cayman Business Shipping


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Experience the convenience of online shopping combined with reliable ocean freight services. At National Logistics, we offer a comprehensive range of shipping solutions to meet your needs. From vehicle shipments and clearances to relocations and more, we have you covered.

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to ensuring that your goods are delivered efficiently and affordably. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to provide a seamless experience for all your shipping requirements.

Trust National Logistics for a comprehensive and reliable range of shipping solutions.


Jayne, Business Owner

Just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you for an excellent shipping service this year.


We’ve shipped a lot in this year and everything arrived fast and stress free for us.

Heather, Happy Shopper

I have used National Logistics for both small orders and larger/bulkier items and have always been impressed by their speed to respond to my shipping questions and how fast my items arrive and clear customs.  If you’re on the fence about who to use for your trusted items, you must go with National Logistics!

Noel, Happy Customer

On time everytime, just order from your favorite online shopping websites in the states, forward the invoice and declaration sit back and relax... the rest is so smooth, everything delivered right at your door step.

Cayman Medical Clinic, Owner

Thanks to a friend's recommendation, we switched to National Logistics for our business. We've experienced cost savings, streamlined administration, and excellent service in shipping and clearances. We're extremely satisfied with NL's support.

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